BlackBerry Passport - About SSL/TLS security levels

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About SSL/TLS security levels

Most apps that you download onto your BlackBerry device and most of the websites that you visit using the BlackBerry

Browser work properly using the default SSL/TLS security level.
If you have problems using an app or viewing a website, you can change the SSL/TLS security level to low. A low security

level allows protocols with known vulnerabilities to run on your device. This might be helpful if you are trying to access a

legacy system that uses older protocols. Changing your SSL/TLS security level to high is designed to allow apps and

websites that use high security connection protocols to run on your device. When you use the high security level, some

apps and websites that use older protocols might not work on your device.

Change the security level for protocols used by apps and websites


On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.



Settings > Security and Privacy > SSL/TLS.


In the SSL/TLS drop-down list, tap a security level.