BlackBerry Passport - Charge your device

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Charge your device

Before you start using your BlackBerry device, you should charge it because the battery that came with your device isn't
fully charged.
Charge your device using the charger provided by BlackBerry in the box that your device came in. You can also charge your
device using a USB cable connected to a computer, but charging might take longer.
CAUTION: Other chargers might not provide adequate power and might damage your device.

Hold the cable with the BlackBerry logo (

) facing up, and connect the cable into the multi-function port on your

device. Plug the charger into a power outlet.

Keeping your battery charged

Your BlackBerry device uses a lithium-ion battery. To maximize your use of this type of battery, when possible, do the

• Avoid using your device while it's charging to help it charge faster.
• Charge your device often, even when the battery charge isn't low.
• Avoid charging, using, or storing your device in extremely hot or cold places, such as on a vehicle dashboard.
• Avoid leaving your device turned off with a low battery power level for an extended period of time.
• If your device has a removable battery and you aren't using your device for more than a few days, partially charge the

battery. You can then remove the battery and store it in a dry place at room temperature to conserve battery power.

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