BlackBerry Passport - Typing in Arabic or Farsi

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Typing in Arabic or Farsi

The Arabic and Farsi keyboard layouts support the following features:
• The Arabic language has more characters in the alphabet than there are keys on the keyboard. As a result, more than

one native character appears on one key. There may be alternate letters that are related to a primary letter or have a

similar form. You can use the keyboard mapping guide that appears with the typing task to determine how to press and

hold a letter or multi-press to access the second and third characters on each key.

• The Farsi language has a few characters that are different from the basic Arabic alphabet. These characters are listed

on the keyboard mapping guide.

• Word prediction and flicking word suggestions up onto the screen (if you have this feature turned on)
• The Arabic language has many diacritics that you can add to characters. To add a diacritic, press the diacritic key on

the row of touch screen keys above the keyboard. Then, touch the diacritic you want to add.

• To type a symbol, tap

. To view more symbols, swipe down on the keyboard.