BlackBerry Passport - Typing in Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, or Swedish

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Typing in Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, or Swedish

The Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Swedish languages are largely based on a Latin alphabet with a few variations. These

languages use the basic QWERTY keyboard layout with the addition of Å, Æ and Ø (for Danish and Norwegian), and Ö and

Ä (for Finnish and Swedish). The keyboards also support the following features:
• Word prediction and flicking word suggestions up onto the screen (if you have this feature turned on)
• You can type alternate characters in two ways. You can press

and press a letter. A second method is to press and

hold the primary character. Then, you can select the alternate character from the options.

• Alternate characters are available for I (Ä), O (Ö), P (Å), K (Æ), and L (Ø). These characters are available on the row of

touch screen keys above the BlackBerry Keyboard.

• To type a symbol, tap

. To view more symbols, swipe down on the keyboard.